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Petra Krischok

Petra has a M.A. in journalism, English and North American studies. For 25 years, she’s been contributing to the Germany coverage of foreign media in Berlin.

As a journalist and communications expert (M.A.) Petra is widely experienced in the field of journalism and public relations. Research, interviews, fixing and translations are her daily business.

Petra discovered her passion for true stories during the peaceful revoution in East Germany in summer of 1989. It was the perfect time and the right place to be for a budding journalist full of curiosity and energy. As a resident of West Berlin and a student of journalism and English, she started fixing for foreign media. And this is what she still does.

Petra has been working for a large number of print media, broadcasters, film makers and book authors. For more detailed information, please see her personal website at

Or contact her directly at krischok[at]

Some work samples:

McClatchy Newspapers:

January 2015 – Slain cartoonists were cultural icons in France (reporting from Paris)

The New Yorker:

December 2014 – The Quiet German. The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world

CBC News: November 2014 – “Berlin Wall: 25 years later”

The Washington Post:

May 2013 – published in The Guardian – “US beer makes its mark in Germany”

June 2012 – “Greece tries to pay back Germany on Soccer Field”

PBS documentary:

2011 – “Elusive Justice. The Search for Fugitive War Criminals”, research, producer for the entire Germany coverage, interviews and footage (by Saybrook Productions, New York)