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Anja Kreienbring

Anja has an MA in Italian cultural studies, art history and ethnology. She is currently working as a consultant, local fixer/journalist, professional researcher, interpreter and translator for clients of the private, public and academic sectors, mainly from Italy. 

After graduating in 1998, she continued her commitment to German-Italian ties working for the Italienzentrum at the FU and the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin. Anja started spezializing in journalism, working as a freelance researcher, fixerand interpreter for Italian media, like ANSA, RAI and La Repubblica.

She also translates works of fiction and non-fiction. Her command of Italian is excellent, she is fluent in English and she has a working knowledge of French and Danish. Since 2006, Anja belongs to the editorial staff of Italian News Agency (ANSA) inBerlinwhile at the same time pursuing with her freelance career.